Tired of Mobsters?

21 07 2009

. . . Well try this out it is called MyBrute.


Right above… you see my personal Brute… I have just started it after seeing it on Attack of the Show as games that you can play at work without getting caught. It is a game that you play daily. you can recruit “pupils” to help you gain experience to level your character. Your Character is randomly generated by the name you type or you can pick your name and then click the button below the character creator to continue randomizing. Your stats when you level are also randomly upgraded. Come try it out >>> Click here to get started


Japanese Knock-Off Spiderman *SMH*

15 07 2009

Yea, I saw this a long time ago but I am just comming across it again …

250+ Followers on TWITTER For Best Buy Job!

15 07 2009


Yes that is correct I have just heard and had to go search to make sure… One of the qualifications for being a senior manager at Best Buy is to have 250+ Followers on Twitter and also have been blogging for one year… SERIOUSLY?! Social Networking is getting crazy. I am so glad that I am into this kind of stuff.

Come On Twitter Don’t Do Me Like This

10 07 2009

This is crazy I noticed that my #zutweet hashtags are’nt comming up in search only under my username… other that did came up… and it seems like all of the Zutweets that I did before just vanished so I went on a hunt to find out what happened and why this is really hurtin’ my follower count that my tags aren’t coming up… Oh and on top of that NO! Hashtags that I post are search-able… Apparently after reading up on the Support Site I am being Investigated for Spam. I AM NOT SPAM!!!  WTF Twitter…! I love you Twitter so why you go and Do me like this…?

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9 07 2009


Open this article for the Download link…

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Break the Cycle

7 07 2009

I swear everytime I see somthing it is a video that I wanna put up on my blog but it is gettin repetitive so I just felt the need to “Break the sycle with a random post lol. . . So how are my readers doing … leave a comment and let me know . . .

Microsoft is on Some SHYT with this one!!!

30 06 2009

Check this out… Microsoft Surface . . . THIS BLOWS APPLES TOUCH capability right out of the water!!! by far… I want this on all the tables in my house… maybe later it will work with Android… This is Toooo HOTT!!!!