Come On Twitter Don’t Do Me Like This

10 07 2009

This is crazy I noticed that my #zutweet hashtags are’nt comming up in search only under my username… other that did came up… and it seems like all of the Zutweets that I did before just vanished so I went on a hunt to find out what happened and why this is really hurtin’ my follower count that my tags aren’t coming up… Oh and on top of that NO! Hashtags that I post are search-able… Apparently after reading up on the Support Site I am being Investigated for Spam. I AM NOT SPAM!!!  WTF Twitter…! I love you Twitter so why you go and Do me like this…?

> First thing I did was look on (that’s right… I wanna give it a chance) and search “My hashtags aren’t showing up in search… I went to some forums which lead me to the Twitter Support Site… >

So I sent a Request ticket that you will see Below…

Request Ticket

From @Cool3stNERD (formerly @JA3ROK)
I started doing a “TWITcast if you may… called #zutweet I usually do it from 530-9pm EST (now 6-830pm EST). I post Song that I am listening to while I am at work my slogan is “What haven’t you listened to on your Music Player lately?” So I basicly remind people of what they have on their player and they may want to listen to. One week out of the month I Track the songs on the radio stations and I have been noticed by radio station personalities for this, I was doing it for a while and I just recently noticed after I stopped for a week and started back for a week that i couldn’t search #zutweet or #listening2 on my name anymore but others that RT’d it showed up. Now I don’t think ANY hashtags that I post are shown in search… MAY I ASK Y will Verifying my account fix this or is it possible for me to do that….?????

After I sent that I got this (Prolly Automated) Email like 20 Seconds later…

## In replies all text above this line is added to the ticket ##
Ticket #425036: From @Cool3stNERD (formerly…
Hi Cool3stNERD,

Verifying your phone is a two step process. Once you’ve added your phone

, just text the verification code to Twitter and you’re done! You can only use one phone number per account, and Twitter must receive the verification code from your mobile phone in order for you to start sending or receiving messages.Check out our Phone FAQ

for more information about using Twitter with your phone.If you’re having trouble verifying your phone, check out our verification troubleshooting page

to find out about common problems and what to do about them. If you still see a verification code after refreshing your settings page, your phone is not verified. If you aren’t sure if your phone is registered, try entering your phone number here to make sure you haven’t accidentally created a duplicate account.Visit or trouble shooting section to learn about other common issues, such as:

* Phone number is already in use
* Phone stops receiving text updatesIf you’re having trouble with something not mentioned above, let us know.

Twitter Support

This email is a service from Twitter Support

So I am at a loss here It is really Irking me and I want to be search-able again




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