Japanese Knock-Off Spiderman *SMH*

15 07 2009

Yea, I saw this a long time ago but I am just comming across it again …


250+ Followers on TWITTER For Best Buy Job!

15 07 2009


Yes that is correct I have just heard and had to go search to make sure… One of the qualifications for being a senior manager at Best Buy is to have 250+ Followers on Twitter and also have been blogging for one year… SERIOUSLY?! Social Networking is getting crazy. I am so glad that I am into this kind of stuff.

Break the Cycle

7 07 2009

I swear everytime I see somthing it is a video that I wanna put up on my blog but it is gettin repetitive so I just felt the need to “Break the sycle with a random post lol. . . So how are my readers doing … leave a comment and let me know . . .


4 06 2009

I thought this was real for a minute, the first time that I saw it . . .lol

Drexel University GoKart

20 05 2009

Guys at Drexel University Built this GoKart, I saw them when I was leaving from work.


18 04 2009

The new Gucci Bandana Music Video is here. . . . (Straight from Soulja Boy’s Twitter Follow him @SouljaBoytellem.)

The Reason Djs Get All the Girls. . .

15 04 2009

Toooo . . . Funny LOL

Shout Out to Dean, And Terry. . . LMAO This is Y Terry this is Y! . . .LMAO