Microsoft is on Some SHYT with this one!!!

30 06 2009

Check this out… Microsoft Surface . . . THIS BLOWS APPLES TOUCH capability right out of the water!!! by far… I want this on all the tables in my house… maybe later it will work with Android… This is Toooo HOTT!!!!


X-Rated Fisher-Price TOY. . .LMAO!

21 06 2009

This Guy Has some Funny Videos . . . gott acheck them out . . . It is a untamperd with Fisher-Price toy that can say some dirty things LOL. . . .

Stoned Games. . . LMAO

9 05 2009

This is a Video Me and my friend LJ made in two days lol . . . he used after effects and I used Windows Movie Maker to put it all together. . . Rate and Comment on the Video . . . Comment anything Please … comments mean alot thanks …lol

“I Hate Grad School” Parody of I Love College.

27 04 2009

A.P.T. Commented this it is so funny . . .

Lark On My Go Kart – Asher Roth

27 04 2009

This Song right here is like my fave song right now he kills this. . .  I’m definately gettin this ringtone.

Throw Some “DS’s” on it! LMAO

23 04 2009

Watch as this guy make boobs on a Nintendo DSi it is crazy… lol

This is how it really goes, Say it ain’t true lol

15 04 2009

This is tooo Funny I laughed through the whole thing.