Read about Internet Offers …! This is More than a scam!!!

18 04 2009

I was looking at this popup that came up and said Free BlackBerry in any color  you want… so I looked up “” on google and found this it is crazy the amount of money they have hidden in the fine print for you to pay just to get a “FREE” product :-/  .

This is just and Excerpt and this isn’t the half of it…

“For instance, the most offensive offer is for a service called “Google Pro,” where they teach you how to make money by being a pro at searching Google. Really? The sickening part is that once you read the Terms of Service, you’ll realize that if you don’t cancel the service within 14-days, they’ll start to charge you $72.21 per month. WTF? Yes, you read right. Keep reading for the full list of “Top Offers.” The strange part about this offer, is that if you go directly to the website, you’ll see the monthly fees, but when you’re linked through, there is no sign of a monthly fee.”

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