Gucci Bandana Video

9 04 2009

Soulja Boy Twittered this earlier today and I have been seeing Tweets from him for the past few days about how this is gonna be his best video yet. Click that link in the quote below to check out the rest of the pics where OZone Magazine was on the scene with Soulja Boy and SODMG, Gucci Mane, DJ Drama and more…

Soulja Boy is proving haters wrong one hit at a time. Today him and Gucci brought out the Lambo and Gucci bandanas for yet another star-studded video shoot in the A. Check out the pics here and be on the lookout for the Brick Squad coming soon. I can’t remember who all is in the Brick Squad, so let’s just say it’s made up of Gucci Mane and ‘em.

Ms Rivercity of