Zutweet TWITcast

Here I will try to post (key word “try”) my playlist of songs for the TWITCAST… If you don’t know what the Zutweet twitcast is, well it is a thing that I made up to make the time pass faster while I am at work. I listen to my Zune and post the songs that I am listening to in this format (minus the quotes)… ” #zutweet #listening2 (song) – Artist(s) on my #zune ” if you want to help me out, and get #zutweet really out there on twitter here is what you can do. ->

1. Follow me on Twitter @Cool3stNERD

2. When you are listing to music post what you are listening to in this format -> ” #zutweet #listening2 (Song) – (Artist) #fan ” this will really help my Zutweet Twitcast get noticed even more. Thanks in advance and I will make sure I Tweet my #fans for follow. 🙂

That’s it! Just two easy Steps!

******OH! and don’t forget me on #FollowFriday  🙂 ******

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