Tuesday July 07, 2009

So, this is the first day back at it in a while . . . I Didn’t put up the other Random songs because it is a pain that Twitter isn’t letting me search for “zutweet”, So it is a lil harder to post cause I have to search through loads of Tweets… I will try tho, But definately when the search is Fixed.

Below you will find the Track listing and Ratings… the Songs labeled Catchy are … well… Catchy to me and are Linked so you can listen to them with out having to go and search yourself. Let me know what you think about the songs/album in the comment box below.

Ace Hood – Ruthless (Overall Average Rating: 4)

1. Get Money (Rating – 4 Stars)

2. Loco Wit The Cake (Rating – 3 Stars)

3. Born an Og ft. Ludacris (Rating – 3.5 Stars)

4. Overtime ft. Akon (Rating – 4.5 StarsCatchy!

5. Champion ft. Jennifer Hudson & Rick Ross (Rating – 4.5 Stars) Catchy!

6. Love Somebody (Rating – 4.5 Stars)

7. Don’t get Caught Slippin’ (Rating – 3.5 Stars)

8. This Ni**a Here (Rating – 3 Stars)

9. Mine ft. The-Dream ( Rating – 5 Stars ) Catchy! BETTER! be his next Single… lol

10. Wifey Material ft. Lloyd (4.5 Stars) Catchy!

11. Bout Me (Rating – 4 Stars)

12. Zone (Rating – 3.5 Stars)

13. Make A Toast (Outro Song) (Rating – 3.5 Stars)

1 2 3 4 5


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