Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I looked up an Album that I didn’t have on short notice (Cause I forgot to do it yesterday). Well this was an aight album, nothin mind blowing but it is good. One song caught me off guard, “Your Love” when it first started i didnt think that I was gonna like it until the Chorus dropped and I noticed that it was a sample … Check it out My rating jumped from 2 all the way to 5 lol.

The Introduction of Marcus Cooper – Pleasure P

01. I’m A Beast (Rating – 5 Stars) Catchy! *Single Material right here, I say i am gonna hear this on the radio soon*

02. Boyfriend No.2 (Rating – 5 Stars) Catchy! *Don’t have to link this everyone should already know this …lol*

03. Tender Roni (Handcuffin) (Rating – 3.5 Stars)

04. Under (Rating – 3 Stars)

05. Let Me (Rating – 3 Stars)

06. Gotta Have You (Rating – 4 Stars) Catchy!

07. Did You Wrong (Rating – 3 Stars)

08. Your Love (Rating – 5 Stars) *this is the one that caught me off guard, Take a listen!*

09. Fire Lovin (Rating – 4 Stars)

10. Birthday Suit (Rating – 4 Stars)

11. Illusion (Rating – 4 Stars)

12. Dream in the Air (Rating – 5 Stars) Catchy! *This song feels EPIC! lol*


1. Shine Down – Lupe Fiasco

2. Lean Wit It Rock Wit it – DFB

3. Vans – The Pack

4. This Ain’t a Scene, It an Arms Race – Fall Out Boy

5. Sex Education – Lloyd

6. I’m a Flirt Remix – R Kelly

7. Listen!!! – Talib Kweli


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