Monday, July 13, 2009

I know this Has been out for a little while but I never listened to the whole thing until today Only the first and third song, Lark on My Go-Kart and I Love College, so these are, of course, my first impressions of all the rest. (I liked those when I first heard them anyway) I may add a Tag and/or score onto the existing scores later if I ever find that there be a song that had to grow on me for all reviews in the future.

If you follow me on twitter (@Cool3stNERD) you may have seen that I was gonna give you a explanation to the reason that I was gonna change the 4-Star ratings to 4.5-Star ratings… It is because this was hard to rate because stuff was different than what I usually listen for and feel. He is very talanted in how he raps if the beat doesn’t catch you the humor or emotion of his verses will.

Asleep In the Bread Asile – Asher Roth @asherroth


1. Lark On My Go-Kart (Rating –5 Stars) Catchy!

2. Blunt Crusin ( Rating – 3  Stars)

3. I Love College ( Rating – 5 Stars)

4. La Di Da ( Rating – 4.5 Stars)

5. Be By Myself (Rating – 4.5 Stars)

6. She Don’t Wanna Man ( Rating – 4.5 Stars)

7. Sour Patch Kids ( Rating – 4.5 Stars)

8. As I Em ( Rating – Stars 4.5 Stars)

9. Lion’s Roar ft. Busta Rhymes ( Rating – 5 Stars) Catchy!

10. Bad Day ( Rating – 4 Stars)

11. His Dream ( Rating – 4.5 Stars)

12. Fallin’ ( Rating – 4.5 Stars)


1) “Jesus Walks” – Kanye West
2) “Shoppin Spree” – @souljaboytellem
3) “Fighters” – Lupe Fiasco
4) “Upgrade U” – Lil Wayne
5) “College” – Lil Mama
6) “Alright” – John Legend
7) “Hold Up” – Nelly feat. T.I. and LL Cool J
8) “Comfortable” – Lil Wayne
9) “How You Want That” – Loon
10) “4 Minutes” – Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
11) “Southside” – Lloyd
12) “Hit the Floor” – Lloyd

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