Monday, July 20th, 2009

“The “F” scale is used to describe the intensity of tornadoes or twisters and the damage they cause. Categories F-Zero through F-Four describe damage ranging from light to devastating. However, Category F5 desribes total damage, framed homes are lifted from their foundations and carried hundreds of miles to disintegrate, automobiles fly through the air like missiles, trees are debarked, reinforced concrete structures are destroyed, incredible phenomena and a whole lot of fucked up shit will occur…”

Now… With this intro you would expect a CD FULL of “Banga’s” . . . right? not the case with this… If you ask me his track list is backwards. He is a FAST rapper so he should have started out fast and slowed it up at the end… I think it a bout 6 or 7 slow paced beats. Don’t get me wrong there are a FEW on here that I can jam to but I think he could have done a lot better.

Catagory F5 – Twista


  1. Misunderstood ft. Buk (Rating – 2 Stars)
  2. American Gamgsta (Rating – 3.5 Stars)
  3. Fire ft. Lil Boosie (Rating – 3 Stars)
  4. Talk to Me (Rating – 3.5 Stars)
  5. Yellow Light ft. R Kelly (Rating – 4.5 Stars) Possible single right here. . .
  6. Walkin on Ice (Rating – 3.5 Stars)
  7. Wetter (Rating – 4.5 Stars)
  8. Billionare ft. Busta Rhymes (Rating – 5 Stars) Catchy!
  9. Ya Body (Rating – 3.5 Stars)
  10. Hustla (Rating – 4.5 Stars)
  11. Gotta Get Me One (Rating – 3.5 Stars)
  12. On Top (Rating – 4.5 Stars)
  13. Jump Off (Rating – 4 Stars)
  14. Wanna See Em’ Buss (Rating – 3.5 Stars)
  15. Birthday (Rating – 4.5 Stars) Club Banga! ( I need Remixes 4 this ASAP lol)

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